It has been years since I put on my first wig. There were many transitional periods for me before I discovered this easy accessible way for styling my hair. I have dabbled in natural protective styles such as braids, twists, twist outs, braid outs, crochet styling as well as chemically straightening and heat training my luscious locs. It wasn’t until my sister introduced me to the world of wigs, as she has introduced me to much of what I have experienced in my life as older sisters should!  
She started out by wearing weaves with a leave out, which for the most part damaged our hair. Then she started using closures with weaving the back of her head. At first I was put off by the idea of using a closure for a long time. I would see her wearing closures with weaves, then one day (she is a research queen) she started discussing wearing a full on wig! At this time, I had not been keen to the idea of a closure, because of its close relation to a wig and growing up the narrative and connotations about wigs were negative. It either meant you had very short unmanageable hair, or you were balding.
Of course, I knew my sister was not bald, so when she ordered her first wig I was there experiencing it second hand with her! Months went by and I watched her purchase, either two or 3 more. The maintenance behind her hair styling changed dramatically. She wasn’t sitting around in a salon with me for hours switching out her weave. It wasn’t until I saw how time consuming my process was, that I decided to purchase a wig.
We have a Kenyan mother that always wore head pieces, like wigs and ponytails so the idea wasn’t completely foreign. It was only elevated and romanticized when I saw how cute and natural a lace wig could be (this was the time; lace wigs were becoming popular).
Fast forward a few years, my sister and I had tried out several wigs and have had great and bad experiences alike however the bad outweighed the good! It was always experimental we would find one great company that provided top quality product the first time, then came a second order that diminished dramatically with hair quality and longevity. It wasn’t that we didn’t know how to take care of our hair, because when it was good we would be able to make that product last well over a year. The point is, when it was bad, it was bad. As young girls we did not have the means to spend money on a company that would produce a wig that would only last two or 3 months if worn every day.  
Years went by, the thought and idea of developing a hair brand that stood the test of time became more and more important to me. Then I started to think, why can’t a wig brand be a luxury experience? I don’t mean the name; I mean the experience. Why are there not companies that could be comparable to top beauty brands that were associated with hair, wigs in particular? And why is the industry so dominated by business owners that did not know how to do hair, or know much about the process after a wig purchase.
Then came an idea, the idea to change the narrative of wigs. To change the experience.  Just like training for a college acceptance, I ventured out to become a well-rounded person in the hair industry.  I have always been passionate about hair, and as I grow I find that all aspects of the industry inspire me.  I have developed and created a brand that is ethical and sustainable, luxurious, and well rounded. A brand that wants to change the narrative of wigs, forever.  We thrive on being fashion forward, innovative, and accessible to any human! I have created Nove, a Mane Exchange.  We are a leader in the industry, and will grow and aspire to be IT, like Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Nordstrom and Burberry, all in a beauty brand.